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Guild Ranks!

posted Aug 02, 2010 19:57:56 by Nabz
Your rank when joining is Alternate- alternate characters will be eventually placed here, you can have one character climb the ranks, except for the FOUNDERS. This is so we can still recruit etc.

Players are expected to be helpful and team players, team when you can and have officers invite good players in, until we cap the recruitment. Which will be at my level 35 once the ships are being built for our fleet.

At lvl 10 you become and official member!
At lvl 15 you know the ins-outs of the game, and become a veteran!
At lvl 20 and you get off the starter ALLOD, you become a Junior Officer.
At lvl 35 you MUST get xfire, and become a member of our Fleet, to gain Senior Officer.

Senior officer can also be assigned to:
Leaders of the guild that are online when others are not, say in different time zones-
Players that have previous knowledge of the game or other MMOs and show a HELPER attitude.

Welcome to Dark Rising! Nabolshia Dark Lotus
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