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What is Dark Rising?

posted Jul 25, 2010 04:56:24 by Nabz
We are a HELPER GUILD, meaning helping with:
1) Information
2) Making Quest groups
3) Taking down Bosses
4) Helping you with game info & Gear info
5) Learning your class in a Party mechanic
6) Building for Heroics
7) Learning your Crafts
8) Building our Astral WarShip
9) Building a FLEET of Warships
10) Building the best Guild REPUTATION in all of Allodsonline

The core of the Guild came together on July 24th 2010, Nabolshia orginized the effort whom has previous WoW, Runescape, EntropiaUniverse, Mabinogi, Wizards, online MMO Guild Mastering experience. The idea is to take the Dark Rising Guild from our NOOBS running around the city into master crafters, and HEROIC fighters. Then to calaborate on gathering our crafting and materials to make our ASTRAL WARSHIP, and eventually an ENTIRE FLEET!

Dark Rising is reaching for the Stars, and what we want the enemies to say when they see our fleet on the horizon- "Omg, here comes Dark Rising's Fleet! Run, full reverse course!" As our Darkness will rise over the eyes of our foes, as their ships are looted, scrapped and burned in the Nether....

Dark Rising Founders:

other Officers have been added due to Experience, but are not considered FOUNDERS.
Guild Minutes - Started July 24, 2010 - Members 8
Guild Minutes - Update July 25, 2010 - members 71 (AWESOME WORK GUYS N GALS!)
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EmilioDosSantos said Jul 25, 2010 13:45:52
"Sh**, DarkRising is here!!" Thats what the enemy will say when they see us coming ;)
Nabz said Jul 26, 2010 04:18:20
I agree. I am researching our goals now, as of now we are recruiting heavily- this will eventually stop until we level out more as a guild and get our goals straight. For the record I was not avoiding you today, was tryin to get my city quests outta the way and I myself was fatigued from being in Xaes for 4 hours - argh!
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