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posted Jul 25, 2010 14:08:54 by EmilioDosSantos
since Ventrilo and teamspeak are not free, we should use skype instead and make Group calls for Dungeons, Instances and battles against other ships.
Post your skype username down below, if you don't have skype, pls download it. For your skype name, use your character name and the Guild name.

Add me: Arres- DarkRising
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Nabz said Jul 26, 2010 04:20:08
A free program that also will be epic once we start filming our Fleet battles! It is free and also has built in recorder for ingame video capturing. We can have multiple chats in one room like VENTRILO and they give you your own webspace for your personal lists etc. Like a blog.
EmilioDosSantos said Jul 26, 2010 14:08:46
yeah i have xfire
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