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STUCK? Need quest or Dungeon Info? Post it here!

posted Jul 25, 2010 04:10:16 by Nabz
Stuck on a dungeon? A boss? A party boss? Need an assist on some quest info? Or maybe the SPEC on your toon? Post it here and we will see who knows their stuff~
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Nabz said Jul 25, 2010 11:15:53
Need the LOCATION of the XAES entrance through the catacombs? Anyone know where the entrance is?
Nabz said Jul 26, 2010 04:26:46
yes, the entrance to Xaes comes from the Catacombs quest. In the South East of the city, grab the quests at the gate, and then head East youll pass the toxic rats, and then you'll see Xaes gate locked on the left. Keep going. The second building on the right, has a tunnel entrance just inside, this is the building right next to the League Stalkers, which is also one of those areas starter quests. Once in the catacombs go straight in do not take lefts or rights when the paths intersect- once inside, the portal will be there.

If you die while the group in the dungeon is fighting - do not release to revive. If you do youll respawn outside and have to fight your way back in. Instead the party leader should stop after that fight, and when you revive- youll revive just inside the dungeon entrance.

if you have a healer that can REZ also do not release, they can not rez you once you have entered purgatory.

The map is straight forward, kill adds before taking bosses, summoners that are dps should off heal if they have it. Healers should not waste manna by healing someone that barely damaged, they will burn manna fast and the group will wipe. Once you have fought your way around the building, you go inside. Pull small groups, there are little gnomish engineers around the place for one quest, and the staff is dropped by the elemental inside Xaes.
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