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posted Jul 25, 2010 03:18:00 by Nabz
Officers are expected to:
1) Invite good players regularly
2) Assist in making questing groups and parties when they can.
3) Learn and share information, in game and in the Forums.
4) Assist new players with information and directions when you can.
5) To make what YOU want to HAPPEN - happen.
6) Be a team player, and make suggestions on making things better for everyone.
7) Act as leaders when dealing with guild affairs.

New recruits need to learn basic mechanics, the proper use of spells and party mechanics.
Not BEG for money, items or anything else. Try and it will come true.

All players:
You will be ranked to Member at level 10, for team work, and learning your characters powers & skills.

You will be ranked veteran at any level if you have high proven effeciency in combat with a senior officer.

Don't demmand others to change specs to assist, unless they offer- let people play the game THEY want, there is always another Pick up group (PUG) Tank or healer to be found. And Dps (damage per second players)are well, a dime a dozen, I know I am one.

Don't hesitate to ask questions, and don't treat people that ask questions feel like a "NOOB", be nice. We were all NOOB's once. And every NOOB is a potential MVP, (Most valued player).

If you need materials for crafting post it in the forums.
Do not bring the "REAL WORLD" into guild chat, save that for party or private chat, when I am in game, I am here to escape into a differnt reality (My sandbox), gameing is my ONE major hobby, don't poop on the playground.

If you are stuck on a boss post it to the forums

If your stuck on a party quest, post it in the forums

Group together regularly.

(more to come)

Nabz, GL
[Last edited Jul 28, 2010 02:53:38]
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